Well, hello there!!

Why J&C Photo??
The answer is simple. Affordable. One-of-a-kind experience. Captured memories. An investment.

Who is J&C Photo?
Jessie. She has a unique style to her work. Evert portrait is an original. Each portrait tells a story. Has dimension. Your session is always relaxed and fun. Laughter is key. It is her mission to not have a 'cookie-cutter' photography...because you can get that any chain.

Is it worth it?
ABSOLUTELY. Every memory is worth capturing. Your portraits are investments. Don't you want to look back and remember exactly how you felt that day? How sweet the children were? How tiny and precious your newborn was? How in love you were? Of course you do!!

When is the best time?
Right Now!!! Don't wait until you lose that last 5 pounds, your hair gets colored, or you have 'free' time. Truth is, life is fast paced. Don't put off your life's memories for silly little things....memories are an important part of life.

Call today to capture your memory. You'll be happy you did. I promise. :)